Gondola Magic Band Charm

Gondola Magic Band Charm

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Our newest magic band charms are here! This Spaceship Earth magic band charm snaps directly into a magic band and requires no pin back. The post fits snuggly and securely through the magic band hole. It’s the perfect subtle way to show your love of the theme park!

-.5 inches in diameter
-Made of high quality hard enamel (unlike soft enamel, hard enamel matches the traditional Disney pin style)
-Black metal borders
-Snaps directly into the magic band with no pin back required

Grab your new magic band charm and find the desired hole on your magic band. Using two fingers, push the top of charm (colored side) into the hole. You should hear a small snap to know that the charm is secure. When you flip over the magic band, the post should be completely through the band and be secured snuggly. This item is specifically made for magic bands for fast and easy installation!

Q: Can this rip my magic band?
A: No, this will not! We specially designed these to fit easily into the magic band holes, they can be pushed in without any force.

Q: Is this secure in my magic band?
A: Yes, there is no risk of the charm popping out of the magic band unless it is pulled out with force.

Q: Will the back of the post irritate my wrist?
A: The back of the charm is even with the grooves on your magic band. You won't even feel it when you are wearing it! If you are allergic to some types of metals, please send us a message so we can make sure you do not have a reaction.

Q: Will this work on my Apple Watch or smart watch band?
A: Every watch band is a different size. This charm is specifically designed for magic bands. It will work on some smart watch bands, including Apple Watch bands with smaller holes. Feel free to send us a message with a photo of your specific band, and we can let you know!